27th sketchcrawl

il barista3, skcr150510il barista4, skcr150510
das erste mal bei einem scetchcrawl dabei – traf olga, catalina und josh, hier einander zeichnend im “il barista”.
boxhagener platz1, skcr150510boxhagener platz2, skcr150510
es regnet – auch auf dem markt auf dem boxhagener platz. catalina und olga zeichnen aus einem leeren lieferwagen heraus.
boxhagener platz4, skcr150510neurotitan, skcr150510
dann zum haus schwarzenberg in den neurotitan. aus dem fenster sieht man besucher die wände fotografieren.
und dann sicher nach haus –
hbf, skcr150510stadtbahn2, skcr150510
ein schöner tag in wunderbarer gesellschaft!
alle skizzen vom sketchcrawl hier


6 responses to “27th sketchcrawl”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by urbansketchers and lapin barcelona, Rolf Schroeter. Rolf Schroeter said: my drawings from #27thScetchcrawl in #berlin : http://wp.me/pCAvp-a6 […]

  2. Luc Avatar

    Great works !!! Not only the ones for sketchcrawl. I take a look on fickr at you entire slideshow. I like a lot the immediate feelings they give. Watercolors, with something like “blur” colour are wonderful (particularly ones from farm). And I think you’re really speed on sketch.
    Bravo !!

  3. rolfschroeter Avatar

    thank you a lot, Luc, for your intense visit and that more than kind comment – i appreciate this a lot, especially after having a closer look to your work.

  4. Luc Avatar

    one more question. seems you use some “post production” digital colouring. Is it ? This is very nice, because is not intrusive !!

    1. rolfschroeter Avatar

      yes, i draw on location in a very small sketchbook, but mostly color at home digitally. thats mainly because i normally sketch in everyday situations, and only carry sketchbook and pencil in my trousers pocket – so i need few time on location and can act spontanously. while drawing i normally partly “plan” a coloring, e.g. make litte notes inside drawing for colors etc. – i scan these drawings very quickly after drawing them and then color from memory and notes – not that much trying to get the “real”colors, but more to “organize” the drawing according to atmosphere and spatial situation.
      i even love doing watercolors, when i have time for that – e.g. the images from the farm in tornow, where we had a vacation-weekend. i think, i need to “refresh” my relation to colors from time, by doing these locative watercolors and really enjoy, making them. but inbetween i feel comfortable with the pragmatic analog-to-digital-workflow.

  5. Keith Avatar

    The sketch looking out of the window is excellent. The sense of daylight and shadow. Sublime. An inspiration.

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