Das Sommerfest im Kühlspot dauert zwei Tage, wir sind am Sonntag dort:

Ink drawing of two guitar players (using additional electronics)

Beat Keller (g)
Kazuhisa Uchihashi (g)

Ink drawing of two musicians, left plaxing a keyboard, right electronics. The guy at electronics looks a bit like Super Mario

Supernintendo Archundia:
Gustavo Obligado (syn)
Julianne Mosca (drum machine, seq, voc)

Ink drawing of two musicians (viola and saxophone) and one dancer, all depicted multiple times

Marie Takahashi (viola)
Simon Rose (sax)
Michiyasu Furutani (dance)

Ink drawing of 9 musicians

Rieko Okuda (piano, viola)
Isabel Anders (piano, violin)
Ignaz Schick (sax, sampler)
Anna Kaluza (sax)
Edith Steyer (sax)
Hui – Chun Lin (cello)
Kriton Beyer (daxophon)
Horst Nonnenmacher (double bass)
? (drums)



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