bohinjsko jezero, slovenia

bohinjsko jezero, slovenia

from the coast we went to the triglav area in the julian alps, to the bohinj lake.

bohinji on the bohinjski jezero

as it is an eldorado for all kinds of outdoor sports, one could cruise around the lake with all kinds of manpowered boats. but there even was a lazy way, to explore it –

bohinji, slovenia

the trip on the tourist boat “bohinj” is more interesting than we presumed (due to the informative discourses of a guide traveling with each tour)
on the whole slovenia-trip we enjoyed, aside of the country’s beauty, the naturally friendly and relaxed attitude of all slovenians we met!


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  1. isabelfiadeiro Avatar

    beautiful blog rolf really like your line work and color

  2. kurtdhollomon Avatar

    Dang if you don’t have a firm grasp of the issues of perspective! Bliss indeed.

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