eingang orange

ergänzung 25|02|2011: der absteig unter dem wundervollen licht einer morgendlichen sonne, die leider nicht wärmt.

below messedamm, berlin charlottenburg

14|01|2011: um die kreuzung messedamm | neue kantstr | masurenallee zu überqueren, läuft man durch eine orange unterwelt. gänge von den strasseneingängen und dem icc treffen sich in der niedrigen säulenhalle. schritte hallen und im bei regen klacken nachmittags die skateboards auf den abgenutzten holzkonstruktionen, die auf dem boden herumliegen.

auf urbansketchersberlin|in english


2 responses to “unten”

  1. Isabel Avatar

    I’m always intrigued by the papers you use. do you make them ? are they so thin or do you use a lot of water. Great line work and color.

  2. rolfschroeter Avatar

    thank you, isabel!

    these are two diffrent papers.

    the below sketch is made on thin transparent paper (25gr/squaremeter) like architects use for design sketching and that is sold on rolls. i watercolored on location, back home did light the light areas with white chalk from the back and layed in on gray paper for scanning.

    the above one from today is made on japanese calligraphy paper (kuretake) – there were two qualities in the store and i bought the lighter one (cannot read the weight, its all japanese….). i love it a lot, as one could anticipate it is perfect for japanese brushpens (i load with grey noodlers ink) but even takes watercolor. it has a very “quick response” and wrinkles a lot, but i do not mind this (or even like it…)

    somehow i prefer thin material – i tried “proper” watercolorpaper, but i always failed….

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