Wicken | Pfingstrosen, Rittersporn

Wicken und Wein (El Cartuxa aus dem Alentejo) | Vetches and Wine (El Cartuxa from Alentejo)

Verblühende Pfingstrosen und Wicken | Fading Peonies and delphiniums

Die Blumen sind beim Weinkauf erhaltene Geschenke des Wein- und Blumenhändlers meines Vertrauens, Amelia in der Knobelsdorffstraße in Charlottenburg. | The flowers are gifts received when buying wine from my favourite wine and flower shop, Amelia in Knobelsdorffstraße in Berlin-Charlottenburg.


2 responses to “Wicken | Pfingstrosen, Rittersporn”

  1. Barbacni Avatar

    Glass of wine and flowers, perfect combination – in life and in a sketch.

    1. Rolf Avatar

      Agreed! We had a bit of worries, when the woman, that did run the flower shop in our street retired and closed her shop. But then the Portuguese wine merchant next door took over the one employee and (scaled down a bit, naturally) the business of flower selling. So supply is secured, of exactly this beautiful combination.

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