tornow 0910

at riding corral

deutz tractor




ein wochenende in brandenburg, in tornow
sehr grün im dauerniesel.
deutz-trecker, alte linden und steine.
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  1. Scott Avatar

    Hi Rolf,
    I just wanted to let you know how much I love your loose, colourful and bleeding style. The farm scene and tractor is very inspiring.

    I’m curious as to what type of black pen do you use. I take it that it is somewhat water soluble. Is it a fountain pen?

    I’m a sketcher in Neuseeland. We have a little group of friends who sketch regularly called The Taranaki Sketchers. We do it to keep in practice for when we travel, and post our trips.

    In my case for colour I use Tombow ABT brush pens, but the others use water colours.

    Yesterday we joined the camera club at an industrial site – which was fantastic, and relaxing.

    Anyway keep sketching
    Scott (Wilson)
    New Plymouth

    1. rolfschroeter Avatar

      hi scott,

      thank you a lot!

      for the black lines i am using a pentel brushpen, with the original pentel ink, in the moment (but sometimes fill it with sailors ink (that is more water resistant). i thin the ink a bit with water.

      colors are windsor and newton watercolor with traditinal brush (no waterbrush).

      i use very thin paper (architects sketching paper with 25gr/squaremeter or sandwich-wrapping-paper from the supermarket)

      cheers, rolf

      ps.: i googled taranki sketchers – it was fun viewing!

  2. Scott Avatar

    Danke schön Rolf

    I am not familiar with Pentel Pocket Brush Pens, and have since looked them up, so will give one a try.

    That is also novel to draw on lunch paper.

    Keep sketching, all the best

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